CLIENT 餐饮品牌策划

Jucy Lu is a cold-pressed juice and health food shop that uses premium organic ingredients to provide necessary provisions to replace fast food with convenient healthy food. Jucy Lu does this by creating products that will not only be beneficial for you, but will also encourage you to live better. The ultimate goal being the creation of a lighthearted company that has only the best in mind for its clients. Our proposal has at its core Jucy Lu’s altruistic philosophy while bringing attention to the hand-made aspect of the food and juices they produce. The brand is amicable, simple but well crafted, maintaining an almost monochromatic scheme to achieve balance. With this in mind we created: a large set of illustrations, typographic arrangements, icons, stamps and stickers; all of which are intermixed on the packing.


Jucy Lu是一个冷榨的果汁和健康食品店,以优质的有机成分,以提供必要的规定,方便健康食品代替快餐。Jucy Lu是通过创造的产品,不仅会对你有利,但也会鼓励你活得更好。最终的目标是一个轻松的公司,只有最好的精神为客户创造。
我们建议在其核心Jucy Lu的利他哲学的同时将关注食物和果汁,他们生产的手工面。该品牌是友好,简单,但精心制作,保持几乎单色的计划,以达到平衡。有鉴于此,我们创造了:大量的插图、版式安排、图标、邮票和贴纸;所有这些都是在包装。



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