CLIENT V Restaurant 餐饮
PROJECT 品牌形象设计
V Restaurant

V Restaurant 餐厅视觉象设计

Located on the top floor of the new Vodafone building in Dusseldorf, “V” restaurant offers a beautiful view over the entire city. The logo—in Vodafone red—reflects the location on the top floor of the 18-story tower.

V Restaurant shares a floor with the Research & Development lab at Vodafone, so we wanted the identity to reflect the same risk-taking and experimental attitude that lures many of V’s patrons to the Vodafone tower. Vertical stacked type, often considered a no-no in graphic design, here references the height of the brand new tower as well as the building of knowledge. Additionally, the vertical text references the reading pattern of many East Asian languages, underscoring the Asian-fusion cuisine served at V Restaurant.